How easy is the Kesseböhmer LeMans II to install? Well, let us show you.

16 10 2012

You can categorize this one under “We never meant to share this outside the company”.  The guy on camera is Daniel Tripp, or as I call him, “Cuz”.  Daniel is Häfele America Co’s Product Marketing Manager for Kitchen items, LED lighting, Lift-Up fittings, etc., and after we shared this video internally we immediately got barraged with requests to allow it to be shared with customers.  As you will see in the first few seconds we say some things that we don’t recommended, such as saying to go ahead and skip the instructions!  That comment was said in jest, so feel free to laugh, but don’t skip the instructions when you install yours!

Daniel and I were impressed enough to shoot this on my phone, and now that you understand the spirit of the video, take a look at how easy the new LeMans 2 Blind Corner Unit is to install.


While you’re at it, check-out the video on this previous post:



2 responses

23 02 2013

I’ve been trying to find an installation video for the Magic Corner II — can you point me to one, or please do one?

23 02 2013
Häfele America Co's Training Coordinator, Scott Markwood

JD, I’m sorry to say that we don’t have an installation video for the Magic Corner II. I guess we need to film one. Are you thinking about installing one, or are you in the middle of an install? Scott

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